Are you unsure of what to pray and why?

Do you want to say powerful prayers for yourself

Learn to say bold prayers that can affect the world?

I have a book you can download to understand why we have to turn it over to God and can NEVER Stop Praying.

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Find out how to  take worry into PRAYER

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I've been in your shoes.

When I worried and did not pray enough! I'd get a headache and pain in my stomach. It had to STOP! Want to know me more? Checkout the ABOUT page.

Who is Sue?

Every thought of worry MUST be captured and drug to its death with PRAYER.

Find out how to  take worry into PRAYER

I want the book NOW


Do your thoughts spin out-of-control when life gets complicated?

Learn why it's OK to pray for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING:

Here's what you get:

  • PDF Book you can print (14 pages) 

    • 6 Types of Prayers

    • 4 Reasons to Pray

    • 5 Ways to Pray for Others and Ourselves

    • 9 Tips on What to Pray for Others

  • Takes you through the reasons to Pray.

    • What is Prayer?

    • Why Pray?

    • How to Pray for Others

    • Who to Pray for?

    • When to Pray?

    • Results of Prayer


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I don't know what to pray for others. I need help.

This book, NEVER STOP PRAYING, will do. It gives you the 9 points on what to pray PLUS so much more. 

Well, I want the book NOW for $17.00

What will I gain by buying this book?

  • Specific ways to pray for yourself and others.

  • Develop and strengthen your  relationship with God.

  • How to take negative emotions to positive focused prayer.

  • Know what to pray for others.

  • Discover five (5) results of prayer.

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NEVER STOP PRAYING - will give you answers to How Do I Pray?

  • Get ways to pray for others.

  • Learn the importance of prayer.

  • Answers to STOP the out-of-control worry problems.

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