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  • Great - lively- motivational.

  • You are genuine and provide hope.

  • Loved your facial expressions - it made me keep watching you.

  • Interesting and dynamic.

  • Love enthusiasm.

  • Heartfelt and humorous.

  • Tidbits you shared were keepers.

  • Love analogies and examples.

  • Stories that touch the heart.

  • Fantastic - kept audience interested.

  • Draws people in and catches attention.

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My Story

My past includes years of self-inflicted destruction with alcohol and drugs along with the destroying actions of others. I used alcohol and drugs to numb myself which led to many dark places that held me captive for years.

Those years took a toll and finally out of desperation I looked upward and yelled at a God I did not know, “If there is a God, then come and HELP me.” At that moment I felt a sense of peace I had never experienced before and heard a still, small voice say, “It’s going to be Okay.” On that day I surrendered to God, and He took my sins and removed them as far away as the east is to the west and started making me a new person.

The details of my story can be found in the memoir Carried by Faith: From Substance Abuse to a Life Filled with Miracles.


Thoughts from Sue

The Value of Being STILL

The impressed upon benefits of being STILL are things we all seem to want in our busy lives.  It may just be the exact steps that needs to be taken to WIN the game.

Learning Who I Am

Throwing my hands up in surrender, I knew I needed God to answer my question, “Who Am I?”

Ups and downs

This is how marriage can be - one person on the teeter totter hitting on the ground and the other nearly being knocked off and wanting to give up, yet both holding on as tight as we could and not being willing to give up to be thumped to the ground.

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