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Be captured by this amazing story of the innocence of childhood, devastation of betrayal, and the spiraling out of control from alcohol and drugs.  

This miracle story will captivate your thoughts while providing hope in the faithfulness of the one, true and loving God.

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Powerful and Life-Changing! 
 A Candid Story Of:
  • Darkness of alcohol & drug abuse for user and family members
  • A mom's prayers & tough love
  • Impact of a school teacher
  • Strength to stay in a marriage through all the trials of life
  • Miracle of a life saved from a fatal motorcycle accident
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 Warning! You won't be able to put this down.  I seriously read it from start to finish in one day!  Exciting, emotionally engaging, and inspiring.  This book takes you on a crazy awesome journey of a life transformed.   Continue reading more.....
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