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  • Makes meaningful impact with thought provoking messages.

  • Engages with attendees from the time they arrive.

  • Draws people in with her high energy and passion filled stories.

  • Works with group to customize messages to meet your needs.

  • Shares her down-to-earth, every day, honest perspectives.

  • Consistently receives positive response ratings of 90-95% being extremely satisfied with sessions.

  • Trusted and established speaker since 1999.

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Most Requested Topics

Pass It On...the Heritage of Women - Retreat Favorite

Discover the legacy you can leave the next generation of women through your skills, talents, and strengths. Explore woman of the Bible in many scriptures including Titus 2 and Proverbs 31.

  • What benefits audience will receive from this message:
    1. Understand the biblical principles of who God says women are.
    2. Practical ways to engage with and pass on skills/talents to the next generation.
    3. Ideas to increase confidence in being the women God says you are to be.
  • Prepared breakout session questions available
  • Retreat favorite

 Watch example – CLICK HERE

Never Stop Praying - Retreat Favorite

Learn the foundation of prayer through biblical principles. Digging into God’s Word to discover the what, why, how, and who to pray for. Learn how to stay hopeful and motivated to never stop praying. 

  • What benefits audience will receive from this message:
    1. Understand the biblical principles of prayer.
    2. Discover tips and tools to help you never stop praying for yourself, family, community, state, and nation.
  • Prepared breakout session questions available
  • Retreat favorite

 Watch Example of session CLICK HERE

Carried by Faith - Retreat Favorite

Sharing her personal story of freedom from alcohol and drug addiction to a life of hope. Learn how a mother’s faithful prayers and a life changing motorcycle accident that should have taken her life turned out to be a miracle and the turning point in her life to bring others hope.

  • What benefits audience will receive from this message:
    1. How to:
      • Develop and deepen a personal relationship with God.
      • Be set free from an addictive lifestyle.
      • Find purpose and direction in life.
  • Prepared breakout session questions available
  • Retreat favorite

Inspired by Sue's memoir book Carried by Faith: From Substance Abuse to a Life Filled with Miracles CLICK HERE. Watch example - CLICK HERE and THIS ONE TOO

Everyone Has a Story to Tell - Self-Published Author

Discover how to share your story with a larger audience by learning ways to present the story in-person, in written or in imagery. Explore methods and tips for effective presentation techniques that engage your audience. Learn how to navigate the journey of storytelling in any format. 

Watch example – CLICK HERE

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary - Employee Attitudes

Employee attitudes will make or break a company or organization. Learn how attitudes affect employees, customers, and the team. Training includes an attitude checkup, and ways employees and teams can make changes to stay positive. Learn how ordinary people can change their attitudes to be extraordinary for themselves and the company they work for.

More Popular Topics

Quilting the Pieces of Our Lives
What kind of quilt does your life represent? Perfect pieces, a square life, or a scrappy mess. Learn how our lives are like a quilt, as unique as each story in our lives. Learn that our unique life is just how God wants us to be. View a collection of historical and unique quilts as part of this time together.
Anchor Your Day​
Wake up every day with peace when you learn how to anchor your day so you can live in this complicated world.  Learn practical ideas & tips to secure a good start to your day, including visuals on how to get dressed in God's Armor to keep yourself protected. Inspired by Sue's book Every Day Simple
I Think I Can, I Think I Can - Employee Attitudes

Based on the classic children’s book The Little Engine That Could. Be motivated by a Can-Do Attitude and intriguing life lessons that can push most people off track.  Be inspired and filled with hope to know each person has it in them to make the change that is needed to be a personal success.

Don't Get Stuck Alone - Leadership 
Leadership skills to keep you free of sticky situations. Learn the importance of being a solid leader who keeps strong support around them during good and bad times. Exam your leadership style and determine what areas need enhancing to stay unstuck and effective in your area of influence.
Live Long, Laugh Hard, and Die Trying - Entrepreneurs
How to deal with day-to-day stress as an entrepreneur. Find ways to cope with the complicated life of owning your own business, how to stay positive, and stay focused on your dream. Watch example - CLICK HERE

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