Reasons Groups Choose Sue...

  • Delivers impactful and thought-provoking messages that leave an audience thinking. 

  • Initiates engagement with attendees from the moment they arrive.

  • Captivates audience through high energy and passionately delivered stories.

  • Works with group to tailor messages to meet their specific needs.

  • Provides down-to-earth, every day, honest perspectives in her sharing.

  • Consistently earns exceptionally high satisfaction ratings, with 90-95% of participants expressing extremely satisfaction with the sessions.

  • A trusted and established speaker with a proven track record since 1999.

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Highly Sought-After Speaking Sessions


Pass It On...the Heritage of Women - Retreat Favorite

Uncover the legacy women can leave for the next generation through their skills, talents, and godly characteristics. Delve into the stories of both the good and bad women from the Bible, exploring how women can shape and influence the generations to come.

  • What benefits audience will receive from this message:
    1. Gain insight into the biblical principles that define women according to God's perspective.
    2. Discover practical approaches for actively engaging with and passing on skills and talents to the next generation.
    3. Explore strategies to boost confidence and embody the woman that God has designed you to be.
  • Attendees have the option to utilize pre-prepared breakout session questions for additional engagement and discussion.

Watch example – CLICK HERE

Never Stop Praying - Retreat Favorite

Acquire the foundational principles of prayer through a biblical lens. Delve into God's Word to uncover the what, why, how, and who of prayer. Gain insights on maintaining hope and motivation, cultivating a continuous and unwavering commitment to prayer.

  • What benefits audience will receive from this message:
    1. Grasp the biblical principles that underlie the practice of prayer.
    2. Uncover valuable tips and tools to empower you in maintaining a steadfast commitment to prayer for yourself, your family, community, state, and nation.
  • Attendees have the option to utilize pre-prepared breakout session questions for additional engagement and discussion.

Watch Example of session – CLICK HERE

Carried by Faith - Retreat Favorite

Recounting her personal journey from the clutches of alcohol and drug addiction to a life filled with hope, Sue shares a powerful story. Explore how the unwavering prayers of a mother and a life-altering motorcycle accident, which should have been tragic, instead became a miraculous turning point in her life. This story serves as an inspiration, bringing hope to others through Sue's transformative experience.

  • What benefits audience will receive from this message:
    1. How to:
      • Develop and deepen a personal relationship with God.
      • Be set free from an addictive lifestyle.
      • Find purpose and direction in life.
  • Attendees have the option to utilize pre-prepared breakout session questions for additional engagement and discussion.

Inspired by Sue's memoir book Carried by Faith: From Substance Abuse to a Life Filled with Miracles CLICK HERE.

Watch example - CLICK HERE and THIS ONE TOO

Everyone Has a Story to Tell - Self-Published Author

Uncover the art of sharing your story by acquiring skills in presenting it in various formats—whether in person, in writing, or through imagery. Explore multiple methods and valuable tips for effectively conveying your narrative, whether to a large audience or within your family circle. Gain insights on navigating the journey of storytelling in any chosen format.

Watch example – CLICK HERE

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary - Employee Attitudes

Recognize the pivotal role of employee attitudes in shaping the success of a company or organization. Explore the profound impact attitudes have on employees, customers, and team dynamics. This training incorporates an attitude checkup, offering insights into how employees and teams can proactively make changes to foster a positive environment. Discover how ordinary individuals can transform their attitudes to become extraordinary contributors to both their personal growth and the success of the company they work for.

More Popular Speaking Sessions

Quilting the Pieces of Our Lives
Explore the metaphor of life as a quilt, reflecting on whether your life resembles perfectly arranged pieces, a structured square, or a more eclectic and varied composition. Discover the beauty in the uniqueness of each life story and understand that our individuality is precisely how God intends us to be. This interactive session may include viewing a collection of historical and unique quilts to enhance the exploration of this analogy and its significance to our lives.
Anchor Your Day​
Discover the art of waking up each day with peace by anchoring your mornings in a way that empowers you to navigate the complexities of the world. Gain practical ideas and tips for ensuring a positive start to your day, complete with visuals illustrating how to clothe yourself in God's Armor for protection and strength. This session provides insights and tools to establish a foundation of peace that can carry you through the challenges of daily life. Inspired by Sue's book Every Day Simple. 
I Think I Can, I Think I Can 

Embark on a motivational journey inspired by the classic children's book, "The Little Engine That Could." Delve into the power of a Can-Do Attitude and uncover intriguing life lessons that have the potential to steer even the most resilient individuals off track. Find inspiration and hope as you realize that each person possesses the inherent ability to make the necessary changes for personal success. This session aims to ignite a sense of empowerment, resilience, and optimism, drawing from the timeless wisdom of a beloved children's story.

Don't Get Stuck Alone
Acquire leadership skills that will guide you through challenging situations and keep you free from sticky predicaments. Explore the significance of being a steadfast leader who maintains strong support networks during both favorable and challenging times. Assess your leadership style and identify areas for improvement to remain unstuck and effective in your sphere of influence. This session offers practical insights to enhance leadership capabilities and navigate complexities with resilience and effectiveness.
Live Long, Laugh Hard, and Die Trying
Discover strategies for managing day-to-day stress as an entrepreneur. Explore effective ways to cope with the complexities of owning your own business, maintain a positive mindset, and stay focused on your entrepreneurial dreams. This session provides practical insights and tools to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship while preserving your well-being and sustaining motivation for your business journey.Watch example - CLICK HERE

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