What to Expect from Sue

"Full of passion with high energy,"​ best describes motivational speaker and author Sue L. Hamilton.

Her infectious, positive attitude is in every subject she shares on from years of working in the corporate world, to personal knowledge in and around addiction, to her down to earth, honest perspective of everyday life, and her journey of faith with God. 

She delivers encouragement through personal stories of restoration from a dark past of teenage substance abuse to discovering hope in living a life full of miracles as a survivor of a fatal motorcycle accident. 

Inspirational Topics

Anchor Your Day​
Be inspired and learn how to keep up the battle every day in fighting the good fight.  Learn practical ideas & tips on how to anchor your day to secure a good start. Inspired by Sue's book Every Day Simple. Checkout Anchor Your Day online course
Who Am I?
Discover the answer to the question - who I am and what the purpose of life is? Find the meaning and focus for a hope filled, content life. Inspired by Sue's book Every Day Simple
It's A Battle Out There
Learn how to put on the Armor of God to be dressed for battle.  Teaching about each piece of armor as the tools we need to be ready for whatever is thrown our way.
One of the most powerful tools we have for ourselves and others. Learn what prayer is, why pray, how to pray, and the results of prayer.

Pass It On...the Heritage of Women
Learn why women need to pass on their heritage to the next generation of women.  Exploring the Titus 2 woman
 and the legacy women can leave.

Quilting the Pieces of Our Lives
Learn how everyday lives become pieces of our legacy that is sewn into a beautiful quilt of life. View a collection of historical and unique quilts as part of this time together.

Journey of Trust
It's not just getting to the destination, it's the journey of TRUSTing God and walking in faith.  Dig deeper into the story of the Israelites wandering around in the desert.
Friends to the END
Find out who will be your friend until the end.  Examine ways to be a good friend and how to keep the friendship alive.

Substance Abuse Topics

From substance abuse to a life filled with miracles. Learn how a fatal motorcycle accident that should have taken her life, turned out to be a miracle and the turning point in her life to bring others HOPE.

As the Story Goes
The personal testimony of a teenager substance abuser. Learn how the battle with drugs and alcohol nearly destroyed her life.  Hear the HOPE of a new way to live and how she escaped the life of darkness​.

Corporate Motivational Topics

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary 
Positive attitudes will make or break a company or organization. Learn ways to check your attitude and 5 phrases to use to stay positive.  Learn how ordinary people can change their attitudes to do extraordinary things for themselves and the company they work for.
Getting Stuck 
Learn how to get out of a sticky situation in business and personal situations. Examine the actions that got you into the mess and what steps need to be taken to get unstuck.
Don't Bother Me - But I'm the Customer
Evaluate your customer service skill level and how you rate. Look at problems the customer and employee create and how these issues can be changed.
My Attitude Only Affects Me
Learn how our attitudes affect more then ourselves and how we can adjust it to have a Can Do Attitude.
Weeds of Life
Find out if you have weeds stopping your growth and productivity. Learn how to pick the weeds out and how to have a focused life. 
Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Learn why your story needs to be shared, ways to write your story, and which way is best to share it with others. 

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