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It's a TON of work!

  • Finding a speaker

  • Getting volunteers to help

  • Creating a budget

  • Finding a fun theme

  • Getting worship leader and singers

  • Writing a press release

  • Designing an invitation

  • Developing a promotional plan

  • Food preparation

  • Having easy registration


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Be more efficient and productive with the Women's Retreat Planning Kit.

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When you use the Planning Kit you will go from pulling your hair to high five because:

  • You will get more women to attend the retreat.

  • You will run quick, productive planning meetings.

  • You will track all your expenses in predesigned spreadsheets to easily stay within budget?

  • You will be able to create engaging and fun activities?

Women's Retreat Planning Kit - Will give you EVERYTHING you need!

You get all this and so much more:

  • Easy to use templates to create your own documents and spreadsheets.

  • Predesigned examples (PDF) of invites, games, promotional material.

  • Ready to use Google forms for online registration and feedback survey.

  • Quick and thought-provoking questions to ask potential speakers to assure you get the right fit your retreat. 

  • Practical ways to run committee meetings with premade agendas. 

  • Accomplish more with less headaches and worries to assure a successful event.

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I've been in your shoes. 

I can relate to planning a retreat and having a headache after the first meeting because there were so many items on the to-do lists, I didn't know what to do. I was overwhelmed.

I needed a better system to make sure the outcome was successful. So, with my experience of 25 years of being involved and organizing events and retreats I created a kit that is packed full of knowledge for you to take advantage of.

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