What are online courses?

  • A way to participate in courses via the interent.

Benefits of online courses:

  • Comfort of learning from your home

  • Convenient

  • Flexible

  • Cost-effective

  • Self-paced

Anchor Your Day 

Online Course


Regular $57

Make your day solid and anchored in God.

  • Find ways to start each day strong.

  • Learn how to get dressed spiritually.

  • Answers to help with fickle feelings.

  • Packed full of practical tips and PDF downloads (valued at $47)


Who Am I?

Online Course


Regular $57

Finding out who God

says you are.

  • Discover why God made you exactly how He wanted.

  • Find new abilities and strengths to live in this complicated world.

  • Find a fail-proof solution to knowing who you are.

  • Packed full of valuable resources (valued at $75)


What you get with online courses...

  • Six (6) video sessions with teaching & personal encouragement from Sue, each session is 3-10 minutes.
  • Workbook to print out and follow along with each session. Packed full of beneficial, practical information.

**BONUS Resources**  Up to Ten (10) additional videos, PDF downloads, and web links in each course.

***Self-paced course with NO expiration date on when the course expires. You can access it anytime.

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