Do you feel empty and have no purpose in life?

Has your job become your identity in who you are?

Have you lost you focus in life?

Learning Who God Says You Are will help answers these questions.

Keep reading to find out ....Who Am I? 


Tell me more because I've never been able to answer this question - Who Am I? 

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Discover why God made you exactly how He wanted. 

Who Am I? online video course will give you those answers.

Have you ever wondered....

  • Why you have negative self-talk?
  • Why you feel a hollowness deep inside that can't seemed to get filled?
  • Why God has you on the path your on?
  • Why you find purpose and life at your job and not anywhere else?
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Discover How God See You

Be Set FREE of What Holds You Down

Learn How to Get Answers from Questioning God

I asked all these questions and the biggest one WHO AM I?

I found myself staring at a blank sheet of paper with the question WHO AM I? at the top of the page.

NO ANSWERS came and I walked away angry and frustrated......

Eight years later I found myself in the same place, with the same blank page and big, lurking question staring at me WHO AM I?


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But it wasn't easy....

I'm sharing what I learned through studying God's Word and discovering one of the most powerful answers.

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  • Learn who God says you are
  • Find out what the purpose of life is

Step-by-step ideas to implement IMMEDIATELY!

What you'll get:

  • Six (6) video sessions with teaching & personal encouragement from Sue 
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