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Jul 13, 2021

Do you remember when we were kids and played Simon Says? The one who could freeze the quickest and be like a statue continued in the game inching toward the one commanding the words.  The players who wanted to be the quickest tended to lose because they were unable to BE STILL and freeze in their position.  The ones who practiced the same consistent moves advanced and would overtake those who were racing to win.


In our lives we’re on a constant chase to get to the finish line and win.  What are we trying to win? 


The fast pace of life whirls around us no matter if we choose to keep up with it or find our own tempo. 


Last month the word PAUSE was an easier to tackle then BE STILL because pause is a temporary break.  It seems more doable and realistic once we look at the meaning of STILL.


STILL by Webster’s definition is devoid or abstaining from motion, uttering no sound, quiet, free from noise or turbulence, calm, tranquil.


WOWZAH!  Let’s try this one for even half of a day.  Can you, do it?  I’ve been trying it one day a week, typically on the weekend and I would give myself a grade of D, below average.  There’s LOTS of room for improvement.


When we are hit with a word or phrase that pops in our minds it is a great time to investigate the word and see what can be learned.  One way to start is exploring the definition and then doing a search in the Bible to how the word is used.  Looking in the Bible index is a great first step.  If the word doesn’t appear then use other options like and see how many times the word appears in the Bible.  Then begin to look up the verses that most closely relate to your heart and where God has you going for the word that you’ve been given.


Investigating BE STILL a verse in Habakkuk helped put things in perspective it’s taken from the NLT (New Living Translation). 


Habakkuk 2:20 But the Lord is in his holy Temple. Let all the earth be silent before him.


The direct words BE STILL are not in this version, but the words BE SILENT are used to help us think on what God is instructing us to do.  When a further examination of is taken in the Life Application Bible the footnotes are intriguing and helpful to bring a real-life focus.


Be silent before him.

  • Silence helps us worship.

  • Quieting our thoughts, desires, and fears helps us hear God’s voice.

  • When God fills our heads and minds, there is no room for chatter.


The impressed upon benefits of being STILL are things we all seem to want in our busy lives.  Be willing to take time to be quiet and see what God will do for you.  It may just be the exact steps that needs to be taken to WIN the game.

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