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God Loves You Like You're the Only One

Feb 07, 2022

God loves you like you’re the only one!

Do you believe it?

Some days I do, others I forget I am loved by the One True God, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Almighty God, Papa God, Prince of Peace.

God loves you like you’re the only one!

When I repeat this statement in my mind on those days when I feel unloved and unworthy it can change the negative focus. But, how do I remind myself of how much God loves me?

Discipline and a willingness to change my mindset is the answer. It’s hard work and it takes a commitment to change habits that take me away from the focus.

Here’s what I did…. I developed a close, intimate relationship with God because if I couldn’t believe that He loved me like I was the only one, then I didn’t understand or know God enough. Just like a personal relationship I need to know the person before I can say, “I love you.”  This is the same for me with my relationship with God.

God has become my Best Friend. The one I go to for everything I need to talk about. I talk to Him like He’s in the room with me. I replaced talking to myself with talking to God.

It had become a habit for to call friends daily and talk for lengthy times about all my issues and problems, hoping they would help me solve them or make me feel better. After years of this same routine, I decided to stop calling friends and instead call on God. I needed God to fill me up and build our relationship, so I could feel more of His love.

“I needed to go to the throne and not the phone.”  Joyce Meyer quote.

It took a conscious practice to break this habit of not calling or texting a friend. I would tell myself, “NO, God needs to be my Best Friend, talk to Him first.”

Replacing God in lieu of physical earthly friends may seem odd, BUT I needed to put God on a higher level of priority and to let Him work in me to fix my brokenness. To have Him mend the feeling of not being loved like I was the only one.

The amount of time I spent talking to friends about my problems was converted to the time I spend with God. Spending a half hour to an hour was easy to do with a friend on the phone, could I give God that much time?

When I made the decision to give God that time He filled my holes of emptiness, provided joy when I saw none, blessed me when I didn’t expect it, and poured love on me. This started a solid relationship with God all because I gave Him my time.

How about you, how much time do you spend searching for others to solve your problems and listen to endless complaining? Time your next conversation to give yourself a marker to what time you could be allocating to God. This is an ouch and amen.

It doesn’t come easy and its challenging work to break hold habits, try it. It can’t hurt, all it could do is change your life and give you a new Best Friend.

Prayer - Father God, we love you and we know you love us. Please help us feel your mighty presence just like we do our close friends her on earth. Fill us with love and joy like we feel when we are around our friends here on earth. We want to know and feel your love more and more each day. Help change our hearts to know we are worthy of all the love you pour upon us. Let us get to know you so we can feel like we are loved like the only one. Thank you, Papa God. Amen

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