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Old Woman

May 01, 2024

Did you know you are an old woman?


There will always be a woman younger than you, so that makes you OLD!

When I was ten years old, I thought fifty years old was OLD!

When I was twenty years old, I thought seventy years old was OLD!

Now that I’m nearly sixty years old I think eighty years old is not that old!

I’ve been around awhile. I have grey hair and wrinkles. My physical stamina is good, but I can feel my bones and muscles getting older. I’ve gained weight that does not come off as easy and wake up during the night more times than I wish to count.

The years of age I’ve gained have given me pain, heart ache, regret, and sadness. Yet with each troubling time I’ve endured I’ve also been given a reprieve with joy, peace, contentment, and love. A life well lived with experiences I call colorful. My past has made me who I am, and I wouldn’t change anything about it.  

If you know my story you know God saved my tatter soul and pulled me from the pit of hell from addiction from drugs and alcohol in my mid-twenties. I’ve been walking with God since a few years after he saved me, and I love most moments in my day.  There is no perfect life and what I’ve gained the most as an old woman is wisdom and understanding that God will lead and direct me to where He needs to be and what He needs me to do.

So as an old lady I can give advice. I will share with you what keeps me ready and waiting for my next assignment. They are ten steps I’ve done every morning for the past 30 years to stay healthy and ready for whatever God needs me to do. I share them often and recently submitted them to a local magazine and they were published. Here’s the link to the article and below are the steps.

Ten Steps to Stay Healthy:

  1. Same wake-up time – Set an alarm and wake up at the same time Monday through Friday, no matter your line of work or if you’re retired. You can sleep more on the weekend.
  2. Get moving – As you go to the bathroom right after you wake up, bring your exercise clothes with you and change into them right away. This is the best habit to help you exercise, because now you must exercise before you take a shower.
  3. Drink water – Drink 16 ounces before you exercise. One down, only a few more to go today.
  4. Exercise – Thirty minutes five days a week equals two hours of committed movement. On the weekend, go for a walk or do some other movement. Keep on moving. Otherwise, you won’t.
  5. Drink water – Drink another 16 ounces after you exercise and before you drink coffee. It gives your insides a shower and you have two down before you drink coffee or your favorite morning drink.
  6. Do for others and yourself – Make coffee, lunches for the day, finalize supper plans and eat breakfast. You can fill in the blank on how to serve others.
  7. Quiet time – Sit and read your favorite devotion, the Bible and journal a bit. It helps you focus on what the day will bring.
  8. Take a shower – Clean the sweat from your exercise and feel refreshed.
  9. Get dressed – Get dressed and look good, no matter where you go and even if you don’t leave the house. It will make you more productive.
  10. Ready, set, go – Now, you are fully ready to do the next right thing, no matter what is thrown your way.

Embrace what your age has given you and acknowledge that you are an old woman who can share a wealth of information.

“Women have the mighty power to influence and ignite a next generation of women who will continue to be strong and worthy of their belief that Women are a True Creation and a Gift from God.” – Sue L. Hamilton

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