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Thanks to YOU!

Nov 06, 2023


During the month of November I will be reflecting on YOU and how you have blessed my life. If you're name is not listed please know you are thought of too. 

Years ago, during Thanksgiving a pastor shared the need to think of people from our past who were important to us and thank them by writing them a note.

I took the challnege and did it! For me, it made my heart feel full and for those who I thanked they gained joy to hear how they touched my life.

You’re thought of and I pray for you.

We may see each other often or not at all but this is what I think of you and thank God for the impact you have had in my life.

Love you, my friend. 


Carol T. (mom) – showing me how to love unconditionally and love others no matter what they do to you.

Viona H. – for teaching Jordan and I how to make Norwegian krumkake.

Jill N. – for answering every and any quilting question I’ve had in the last many years.

Sally B. – for challenging me to find out which is moister for lefse, real or instant potatoes.

Terrie D. – for teaching me how to speak my mind & for being a friend for many years.

Karen C. – loving me through the tough times and always being a listening ear.

Julie O. – making me laugh about how our husbands can be so much alike.

Cindy O. – for loving purple and pizza.

Angela H. – for showing me boldness in worship and prayer.

Rebecca F. – for showing me how to be a good listener.

Sandra S. – for loving me when I couldn’t love myself, for teaching me to pray when I didn’t know what prayer even was.

Mary S. – for showing me how to stay young and that it’s never too late to keep on keeping on.

Kimberly T. – for showing me and others how to love the unlovely and keep on giving even when your own life feels like it’s falling.

Glenda S. – for loving your children and other children with a huge heart.

Angie C. – for staying strong when life seems hopeless.

Bobbi – for teaching me how to speak what’s on your mind.

Carolyn E. – for showing me what grit and determination can accomplish when you set your mind to make changes in your life.

Jamie F. – for showing me that it’s one day at a time and God will let you restart as many times as needed.

Jessie H. – showing me how you can love on people even when you don’t necessarily like them.

Michelle S. – for showing me how to stay active and always look the best you can.

Pat T. – for loving me like the sister I never had and for being the second mom to my son.

Carol B. – to keep smiling and keep friendships alive even after many years.

Karen B. – to keep praying, loving, and never lose hope. To surrender our children to God just as Abraham did with Isaac.

Deb C. – for showing me that you can lose loved ones and you will survive with God’s help.

Tami D. – to listen to your clients and pray for them.

Dorothy E. – for showing me that friendship is for a time, and you never know what the reason was but that we need to listen to God.

Rachael N. – for showing determination in allowing God to change you into a totally new person.

MaryAnn W. – showing me how God can change you inside out and redeem a broken soul.

Jane S. – showing me it’s never too late to do something your heart desires.

Julie S. – showing me how to keep praying for things to last beyond their life and too never give up hope.

Rhonda R. – to use prayer cards and to give to others to show the love God lavishes on us.

Paula P. – showing me how to live with God leading and believe 100% that He will take care of you.

Kirsten O. – showing the love and support to give your family no matter what gets laid in your lap.

Dawn N. – showing me that getting on your knees in prayer when all is falling down around you will revive your spirit.

Jessica M. – to do the next right thing and God will bless you when you believe.

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