When's in Life Jun 03, 2024

When I graduate from high school.

When I get married.

When I have children.

When my babies become teenagers.

When my teenagers leave the house.

When my children get married.

When my grandchildren come along.

When my spouse dies.

When, when, when.

We think of things that have not happened and then...

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Oct 05, 2023

Mirror, mirror on the wall, why can’t I look at myself at all?

In my past destructive years, I experienced hurt and shame. It was equally divided between self-inflection and the hurtful actions of others. During this dark time, I formed a habit of covering up the pain with my bandage of...

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How to Forgive Jan 09, 2023

There is no 1,2,3 fix me, and I am all good in the forgiveness area.

No - this subject takes time and practice.

Did you think the fairy would come and wave the magic wand over you and tah dah you’d forgive the person immediately?

Maybe in your dreams.

The reality of forgiveness is...

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