When's in Life Jun 03, 2024

When I graduate from high school.

When I get married.

When I have children.

When my babies become teenagers.

When my teenagers leave the house.

When my children get married.

When my grandchildren come along.

When my spouse dies.

When, when, when.

We think of things that have not happened and then...

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God Love for Self and Others Feb 05, 2024

I’m grateful I have others to love.

There was a time in my teenage years I wanted nothing to do with anyone else, except me. I was very selfish, self-driven, rude, and cold-hearted. Those ugly ways in me took many years for God to help straighten out. It didn’t come easy.


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God Loves You Like You're the Only One Feb 01, 2023

God loves you like you’re the only one!

Do you believe it?

Some days I do, others I forget I am loved by the One True God, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Almighty God, Papa God, Prince of Peace.

God loves you like you’re the only one!

When I repeat this statement in my mind on...

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