Walls Crumble Jul 01, 2024

When I was using and drinking back in my dark years of substance abuse, I did not have certain words in my vocabulary, words like hope, peace, or contentment. Their definitions were not in my brain. But the following experience is one that I now can describe as having hope and receiving peace,...

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When's in Life Jun 03, 2024

When I graduate from high school.

When I get married.

When I have children.

When my babies become teenagers.

When my teenagers leave the house.

When my children get married.

When my grandchildren come along.

When my spouse dies.

When, when, when.

We think of things that have not happened and then...

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I Need Time Apr 01, 2024

The best investment you can make in your personal life is giving yourself time with God.

Why? Because God is the only one that can guide you each day to live out your life in strength for yourself and those you love.  

The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry...

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One Foot In Front of the Other Aug 01, 2023

“Why can’t you see my point-of-view?”

“It doesn't make sense to me. Why can’t you see my side of the issue?”

The door slams and out I go for a walk with my frustration level high. I may as well be running because I want to get away from the confrontation and...

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Living a Long and Prosperous Life Jun 02, 2022

Have you ever said one of these sayings about peace?

  • Peace in the house.

  • Peace out.

  • I need peace and quiet.

  • Peace be with you.

  • Peace, love, and joy.

If you’ve read my writing or listened to me speak, I start by turning to the dictionary to get the definition of the focus word....

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