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Jun 22, 2022

5 minute read

When was the last time you did something for yourself?

Was it today, OR like many women, you can’t remember the last time because it’s been too long ago?

This past weekend a friend and I drove five hours to attend a women’s conference called Women’s Breakaway with the theme of Flow Through Me held at Oak Hills Christian College in Bemidji, MN

It was refreshing and enlightening because God showed up and gave us what we needed. He wants us to be together and focus on Him to get our cups filled up. As women we need each other to know we’re not alone in the trials we go through.

After registering and settling in with all the stuff women bring; six pairs of shoes for two days, a fan, a nightlight, air freshener, snacks, three dress options for a glitz and glam dinner because you haven’t worn a dress in the last year! Oh, for funny. Like my husband has said over the years as we packed for a trip, “Do you have the kitchen sink packed in here?” To my response, “Well, yes, because you never know when you’ll need it!”

Once situated, we were off to the welcoming session and a room full of unfamiliar faces. Pleasant smiles were there as each of us found our similar areas where we normally sit in church, mine is the left side, middle to front. Of course, we are early so small talk must take place and we start visiting with two women who are also first timers to the conference. As God would have it, we connected with them, and they became our new friends who we gravitated to when uncomfortable feelings came upon us during the weekend.

During our first feast of food, we sat with our new friends and laughed harder than any of us expected. I say this because each of us commented that we hadn’t laughed like this in such a long time. Laughter is such good medicine. It releases all the junk that seemed so serious.

The other good medicine was the food that was prepared for us to simply enjoy and not make. This alone is a BREAKAWAY from meal planning and cooking. You could hear thank you, after thank you to the kitchen staff for making the wonderful meals throughout the weekend. Gratitude does a heart good.

I could go on with more details and funny situations, but you get it.

Here’s what we got from our BREAKAWAY time:

All the women have similar issues and need to verbalize what’s going on in their life.
• The isolation of the last two years is still hanging on us, but we are coming out of it.
• The enemy is fiercely attacking us in so many areas, like the mind, marriage, children and grandchildren, health.
• We need each other as women. We can connect quickly when we open our hearts and love on one another.

As the last day approached, we were ready to go home as both of us were refreshed and reset. It was a BREAKAWAY from the normal grind of life, a slight change in pace, to care for ourselves, and love on ourselves and other women.

On our drive home we talked about how we had gotten off track and needed to hear that we were not alone in this feeling. We were so grateful for God showing up in so many ways and encouraging us to keep our light shining bright. We sensed our conversation was different then it was driving to the conference as we had so much more hope, love, and joy in our hearts.

God never changed; we did.  We were stirred up with hope and love to keep on marching forward. Being reminded to never give up and to reach out to other women so we know were all on a similar journey. And that we can find others who will walk alongside us to help get back on the path when we’ve gotten off in the ditch.

I encourage you to find time to do something for yourself. If you can find a women’s conference – find a friend and go. If not, connect with a friend to have a long lunch and talk, it does a woman good.

Remember that we all need a BREAKAWAY.

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