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Center of the Merry-Go-Round

May 02, 2023

“Slow down you’re going too fast!”

I’ve been told this nearly every day of my life.

Just as fast as I move so do my thoughts. From the moment my eyes open these thoughts are mostly of worry for kids, husband, finances, work project……you fill in the blank because I know you know!

Our runaway, worry thoughts and daily life can be compared to a merry-go-round from our grade school days.

Recess was my favorite time to run as fast as you could to claim a spot on my favorite play equipment.

My favorite, the metal giant, the merry-go-round, sat patiently waiting for all the kids to climb on it.

There were three positions to claim:

  1. Runner – Would push and run at the same time, making the metal circle go as fast as possible.

I’d hope there were a few strong boys who wanted to be the runner because they would get it going so fast, you’d have to hang on for dear life. They’d make it fly and sometimes you’d feel sick after recess.

  1. Sitter – Would strategically place themselves in-between the metal bars with legs folded in and feet tucked under for stability.

You needed to make sure you weren’t too close to the outside edge of the wheel because there was a tendency to come loose, and you could fall off. I’d ready myself to enjoy the ride making sure to keep my eyes closed, not even taking a little peek because I could get dizzy.

  1. Center – Would be the prime position, the closest to the center of gravity. It was an amazing spot to be in because I could stand straight up with my hands in the air and even open my eyes and not fall.

This by far was the place I wanted to be. But with only one spot available, it was the hardest to get if you weren’t the fastest out of the classroom.

Life is like these three positions –

  1. Runner - Is how life spins so fast with all the responsibilities we can barely hang on to and we feel we may fall off.

  2. Sitter - Is how it can be on peaceful days of feeling secure and content with the quietness around us and being able to see the joys of life. We can feel the fast pace around, yet we are free in the turmoil, allowing it to simply pass by.

  3. Center - Is how we fee on the best days when our focus is on the one that gives life, God. Our attention is centered and fixed on Him. He is the one closest to the center gravity, allowing us to be in the world but not of it.

The world can be spinning and twirling, but when we are determined to ask God to be in our day it will be a good one. We will stand firmly in the middle of the revolving chaos of life with focus and direction and letting God take our worries away. 

They don’t belong to the world, just as I don’t belong to the world. John 17:16 NCV


When the day feels unraveled quickly make the decision to jump in the very center of the spinning world and become focused and centered in the merry-go-round.


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