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Obey or NOT

Sep 15, 2022

Obey is a word that can stop you right in your tracks.

I’ve been a hard one to change in my ways with the word obey. It's been one of the toughest things for me to do - obey.

The walk through what I refer to as my O Story (learning how to be obedient) has been long……LONG. Did I say, “LONG?” Yes, it’s been a LONG journey to get obey in my heart.

Keep reading……please.

The O Story started before we were married and the lesson portion of it lasted for well over ten years. And I've been married for close to 40 years - WOW! To read about the entire explaination of the O Story and what God did in me you can find it in my book Every Day Simple – Living a Life of HOPE in a Complicated World

Obeying is listening, that is Sue’s definition. If you look it up in the dictionary it will say, to follow the commands of, to conform to, to do that which is required. So, I sum it up as LISTEN.

Since I was little, I’ve had a difficult time listening, I talk more than listen.

As the saying goes, “You have one mouth and two ears, so you need to listen more.”

Hmmm – well, I could always justify why talking was more important than listen until I met God. It’s interesting how He subtle and moves in to change behaviors I have refused to change with circumstances to make a point. He’s so good.

The O Story started with a husband-and-wife thing, which was beyond irritating to me, and moved to a God and me thing. God began to remind me that I needed to listen to Him more than anything else. Well, I didn’t do well at that. It was as bad as I did at listening to my husband - - NOT FAR. But time and time again the issue kept appearing and I was forced to look at it head on and realize I was not listening to God and doing things my way.

Falling flat on my face and crying through the pain of struggling to do it my way is when I finally started to open my ears. I could see my stubbornness and controlling behaviors hanging on me like a wet blanket, so heavy with no relief in sight. When I finally gave up control and surrendered the weight was lifted. It came gradually. There was no suddenly or immediately in this situation. But I could sense some form of freedom.

The weight of control and doing things my way was like an anchor that was holding me down and not letting me go places and find new areas to explore. I wasn’t fixed overnight, nor do I do well every day, but I’m so much better than I used to be.

So, what’s the big deal with this O word, obey?

I’ve found out that when I listen, follow, comply, conform to what God wants for me I am set more free every day. I don’t think that is proper grammar for those that love grammar. It’s just me being me – more freedom is what I want more and more each day.

I do not want to be bound and chained down with the heaviness of listening to myself and what I think is right. Gosh – I have no idea what direction to go most of the time. I need God to lead me every moment of the day and this only comes by listening to Him. Obeying Him.

When I stay in a close relationship with God, I know what to do, I can listen.


God wants this for all of us – to listen and obey.


It’s simple, yet very complicated.


K.I.S.S. Keep it simple silly. Give it a try.

Try spending time with God to hear His still, small voice so you can listen to what He wants to tell you, then you will have your own O Story to tell.


What is a difficult thing you have tried to overcome with Gods help?

Send me an email to let me know at [email protected] or click the button below to go to my contact form that will come only to me.

Scripture: Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. John 14:23 NIV

Prayer: Father God when I listen to the still, small voice you lead me down the right path. Let me open my ears. Amen


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